So Your Website Is On Top, Will It Be Your Customers’ Top-Of-Mind?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself. As more ways to get your prospects attention arise fewer would-be buyers buy right away. It’s something to do with the overload of marketing that happens to each of us daily. You website is still the most important place in your digital media universe regardless. 

Small business owners who have just launched their websites have the tendency to be too pre-occupied about SEO rankings. I personally think this has to do with all the solicitation call we get using this term, telling us we need this.small business owner website tips

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. It is important actually.  But there’s always the flipside.  Whenever customers search for a product or service on Google, ranking number one or landing on the first page of Google does not guarantee that you’ll be their top-of-mind website.  They may be able to find you first, but is your website good enough to make them stay? A quick tip here is that being on page one is important, it’s more important that your website make both your viewer and the search engines happy. The best way to do this is the tips below!

How Small Business Owners Drive Repeat Visit To Their Websites:

You have to give your readers or your prospects good and compelling reasons to bookmark your website, and  make them come back to again and again.  Here are 5 ways:

1. Create a blog. A blog keeps your web content updated.  It showcases your authority and expertise on your small business and the industry in general, on how you could best serve your customers’ needs.  It encourages open communication lines, allows your audience to give you feedback, and could help you rank-up  on search engines like Google. How can you keep them coming back? Create good content they want and need on a regular basis! 

2. Encourage contact.  Your contact information such as providing your email address, gives your readers the signal that you are open and ready to communicate and address their needs.  Refer to our previous article about the importance of your contact details: Better Blog Pages: The Most Important Page On Your Blog (Day One) – Part 1 Click Here

3. Show some personality.  Establishing an emotional connection with your readers is the one thing that will make your website standout.  Be professional about your business, but let your uniqueness, your personality will shine through.  Audiences tend to flock to websites that show there is a human being behind it – credible, responsive, and accessible.

4. Be an essential resource.  Don’t we all love websites that giveaway something for free? It’s not just about tangible freebies; ebooks, podcasts, webinars — these add great value and will keep them coming back.

5.  Be user-friendly.  Your website should be easy to use.  Make navigations smooth and easy.  You don’t want to frustrate and overwhelm your audience with too complicated steps.

 Digital marketing such as blog ownership has become mainstream for local business entrepreneurs. If you are wondering how you can take your business to the next level get our free report on becoming the expert in your market. No it doesn’t mean you will become the Dr Oz of your town or even the Donald Trump of real estate in your community though if you ask your competition they think you are!