What we focus on creates our world, the reality we live in. So why do we keep our focus on things we don’t want?  It is fear of change or that we have to leave old things behind? ~ Dr. Debra Arko Novotny

focus on what you want

Focus On What You Want For Happiness

Throughout our day, we drift from mental thought to mental thought. If we’re driving to work, hopefully, we are focused on traffic, but sometimes our minds drift to other things. Getting off track often involves thinking about something unpleasant taking us out of our creativity. We doubt our ability to lose weight and feel young again. This blocks our ability to be creative in our own health or well being.  So how does this affect our creative energy?

Before we can decide, we have to define what is creative energy!

Our Creative Energy

Ever wondered why some people seem to be luckier than others?  I’ve asked this question many times to clients, and the answer is never the same though the theme is. Most individuals believe in some form of luck before they will say that there is a greater intelligence. Still if asked, they believe in God; it’s then they discover the connection. creative energy

God or this higher intelligence is creative. If we feel we have an essence or soul, it then stands to reason we have creative energy within us. Luck is nothing more than the art of using this force or our intuition as many call it. When we listen inward to instead of others or their voices in our head telling us, we can’t lose weight or we’re getting old we aren’t honoring ourselves and we’re letting others control us.

Focus On What You Want If You Plan On Getting It

Back in the front seat of your car; after all you are in the driver’s seat more than you may think. Your life is like a car. If you take your view off of the road, you could end up anywhere. That’s what we do with our focus when it comes to life. If you focus on what you desire without wavering, you have a greater opportunity to receive it.

When you drive a car, taking your eyes off the road may lead you into the car in front of you. This we can call confrontation. It also happens in our life. We get involved in someone else’s story and then we lose track of what this creative energy is leading us toward.

Creative Energy

What about trying to do something different in your vehicle like put on makeup or play the trumpet. Recently a local television station did a survey of worst drivers, and they showed a picture of someone playing trumpet while driving. Sounds crazy doesn’t it.

When it comes to the concept of focus on what you want every time you let other things grab your attention you risk your dreams. Knowing what you want to focus on aids you if you plan on getting it.

Surrender and Ease Up

Focus is not tensing up. It’s easing up on yourself and life itself. Most people I work with admit they get uptight at the thought of being focused. It’s not myopic focus lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-mindedness.

focus on what you want

It’s gently guiding you back to center. When you’re driving your car if something is on the street you steer around it gently not in rigid jerks; life is meant to be this way too. Stuff will happen that you will need to navigate in living too.  With weight loss or aging navigate away from negative thoughts and people so you can reach healthy goals you set for yourself. Creative energy can assist here too.

When you ease up, you can hear that gentle inner voice that speaks wisdom to you. It’s not hurried or rushed. We call this surrender.

When you focus on what you want in this way, you allow great things to happen.







Quote: Dr. Debra Arko Novotny

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