Keep Going Even When It Hurts – Why Efforts Pay Off

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”   — Napoleon Hill

Have you ever tried to measure the effort you put into the things you want in life? Often we say I really want to have more love, a purpose, even more money in my life but the economy sucks, or my spouse was an idiot and we even say things like if only I could win the lotto I could then fulfill my purpose in life. None of these things are the true reason we don’t reach our dreams it’s a matter of what we focus our attention on.woman_leader_mindset

If throughout your day you spend your time reliving yesterday you hold yourself in the past. I know it’s hard not to do this!

If ever there were an area I need to always be diligent on it is this area. I understand how easy it is to fill that time in our minds when we forget to focus our full efforts on our goals. It’s so easy to start the day with so much potential waiting to pour forth and then we reminded by something and off we go living in a past experience that shouldn’t matter so much to us.

This is one of the hardest things people struggle with; even me. I think this is what Napoleon Hill  was trying to say here in this quote if we take it at face value.

Napoleon Hill  Would Think Differently


Think about, the economy is in the toilet, somehow you owe taxes and you’re employed How on earth did a national company not take enough of your money, your paycheck was small enough. Yeah you planned to focus your evenings and weekends on your new online business.

You have a great idea, but you just don’t feel like it. All day at work you fumed about it and now you’re exhausted.

Look at this scenario a different way. Today you’ve fully focused all your mental effort on your problems especially your tax problems. You’ve thought about all the other bad things like your wife leaving, your kids getting more distant, and even about your neighbor who just bought that motorcycle that he works on late at night disturbing you as you try to work on your new business!

You’ve been fully focusing your efforts all day haven’t you and you will reap the rewards even if they aren’t the ones you say you want they are the ones you focus on.

Could it really be as simple as fully focusing all your efforts mentally on getting your business up and running? I know it is. Anytime I find myself behind on my goals I just have to look at where I placed my inner mind’s eye and that will be what I created that day.

I do it, you do it, the fact is we all do it. It’s a matter how much you let yourself do it at all. With practice, it becomes less. And with a planned idea of what you want to focus your efforts on you break this pattern. I know you can I did and my world was consumed with negativity!

So how did I do it right? It wasn’t easy and yeah it hurts a bit. You feel you owe it to your problems to waste time on them but you really don’t you owe it to yourself and mankind to use all your potential. When you don’t someone else who needed what you have to offer is left wanting and needing the service you provide.

Next we’ll talk a bit about a way I get myself back on track when I fall into the “Hurt Games”.