Small CourtesiesIn New Thought, we pay close attention to our personal growth and one area that gets overlooked for many beginners and seasoned Spiritual Thinkers is The High Value of Small Courtesies. This is particularly important in relationships and friendship. Recently I read an article on the topic of friendship and self-awareness and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Every Friendship Requires Kindness

I had just asked a friend to be more considerate. Friendship like all relationships they should include good communication and the ability to talk and ask someone to be more considerate. We’ve all been in that place where someone’s feelings get hurt or we have not acted in the kindest manner.  Sometimes without thinking, we speak and other times we forget to act in the fashion of our higher selves. The High Value Of Small Courtesies in relationships adds a deeper level to the friendship.

Reverend Margaret Stortz, wrote in The Science of Mind Magazine [1] [Jan 25, 2016] These words.

I think that if we are practicing a spiritual system that embraces Oneness with all life as its major belief, there are many ways for this to show up each day.Small Courtesies

The way we engage with others is a demonstration of this spiritual oneness. It can be the slow moving car in front of us or the puppy that wags its tail at us for a petting hand. Do we smile or frown? One situation is much easier to demonstrate a high value of small courtesies than the other. Both deserve our kindness.  Rev. Stortz, goes on to reflect this more directly to friendship.

There is, of course, the recognition of others as brother and sisters in this life, and there are also small and precious ways of behaving. I think we owe one another small courtesies, Thoughtful speech, small assists when others are overburdened, the willingness to listen and attentiveness to others’ needs.

Friendship and relationships pose a host of issues. We get out of the routine of thinking before acting. Small kindness is a deliberate action. Our thoughts linger on ourselves forgetting there is an another unique spiritual being on the other side of the conversation. Margaret suggests, “this is a nonrecognition of oneness, a flash of self-involvement that turns us inward.”  I must agree. We forget to think about how the person is feeling and if what we are saying affects them in some way.Friendship

Many authors go on to say it unsettles the soul of both parties and it holds you and the other person from your higher good. It definitely is not acceptable in adults or new thought students. It shatters the relationship because there is a lack of respect. Only if both parties are ready and willing to move to a higher level of thoughtfulness can a friendship survive.

3 Ideas New Thought Uses For Self-Awareness

Here are 3 simple tools of the mind and heart to guide you toward warmer communication. These Small courtesies are spiritual work at it’s best. They bring the doer to a place of service and they reap the benefit of self-actualization and awareness. The Universe responds by giving you people in your life that gift you the same high value of small courtesies.

  1. Redirect your thoughts and speak with forethought.
    1. Speak to others as you wish to be spoken too.
  2. Remind yourself that we are all one and a part of the whole, of God.
    1. Feel it in your heart – God lives in you. When someone hurts you they hurt God. When you are not kind to someone or behave in a manner that is not in both parties best interest you’ve done that to yourself as much as to the other person.
  3. Through this knowledge affirm that you are connected Spiritually to the people or person you are with and treat them as if the Divine Spirit were sitting beside you because it is.
    1. If you’ve read this far, you believe in something greater than yourself. Something that lives, moves, and has it being in you – and others. This presence is sitting beside and lives in you. Always remember that and honor yourself and others.

The High Value Of Small Courtesies Is Personal Growth

Spirit, God, the Universe or whatever name you chose to use that Higher Wisdom or Power is a part of everyone including you. Whether you call this new thought or being a good person doesn’t matter, it’s about your spiritual growth.  All people should hold this truth out to one another and remember that Small Courtesies or kindness is treating that Wisdom with love.

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