Sizzling Apps To Help Your Business


As a small business you should know by now how important technology can be to you, especially apps. They not only help get you off the ground but with specialized apps your customer reach can be even broader.

Top Rated Apps For Savvy Business Owners

Here are a few of the best apps that you can add to your website for better customer engagement:

Olark/imo-Free – With this app you can engage your customers on the spot. Instead of just using e-mail for customer services requests you now have the option of chatting with them instantly.

GroupMe Free – With this chat app you have the option of keeping your personal chats separate from your work chats. You can also interact with all startup’s to find out what’s working for them.

Campfire Free – With this interactive app you can engage with your team anytime, anywhere. Campfire free stores all of your conversations so you can go back later if you need to. This is extremely beneficial if you and your team are constantly on the go and don’t always have the chance to meet regularly.

Twitter Free – You can easily interact with your customers instantly with this social media app. Twitter is also a great way to promote your startup and help get your business off the ground.

Dropbox Free – With this simple app you can easily share documents and ideas among your team members with easy to use online options. It is a great way to get information out or have brainstorming sessions where everyone is allowed to add their own information