With So Many Decisions Did You Consider Appearance

I love beautiful colors! Appearance plays a major role in all of our lives and often times affect our buying decisions. We love to see color and as humans we are naturally attracted to things that are shiny and new.

Your business appearance is no different. In fact social psychologists have proven that you only have 30 seconds to make an impression on someone. That’s a pretty short amount of time for someone to make a buying decision based on your product.

Imagine Your Business Without Good Appearance

Imagine this for a second: You walk in to your favorite retail store. You are looking for something flashy for that next party you’re going to. When you walk in, all you see is the same boring colors on the racks.

But wait! Towards the back of the store you see one rack with shining, shimmering clothes and it’s exactly what you want. In among all the same old boring stuff you find something that catches your eye are you are committed to that product.

Take it to a completely new level with the guidance that this infographic gives.


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We wish to express our gratitude to http://smashfreakz.com/2012/07/how-colors-affect-our-buying-decisions/ for sharing this intuitive graphic.