Secrets To Stop Procrastinating

A great question recently popped into my mind, “How do I stop procrastinating?” Every New Year we all think about how to become more effective in our careers without giving up too much freedom.

Stop procrastination

Being a solopreneur or mompreneur, you are in charge of your own goals. Take these simple steps to have more success and rewards while creating stellar procrastination-free habits that can help you long term.

The Top Way to Stop Procrastination Now

Set out a plan of the top 1-3 tasks you must get done the next day at work every evening.

Before email, phones, or any interruptions accomplish the top priority. Then take a break to get water and stretch. A fresh mind requires a fresh body. 

If you must look at email or return calls, this is the time to do it. Plan to take 15 minutes with this task. First, you, simply scan through your calls and email and select the most important ones to reply to.  

Scan through your 1-3 must-do tasks in the same way. You should be done by lunch or mid-afternoon unless you are on large projects that may take days or weeks. If this is the case, chunk these down into achievable daily goals. 

Sure, you’ll have days that fall apart but you must get back up and start again. It takes time to develop a habit and stop procrastination. You’ll still have interruptions no matter what. The key is dealing with them.

The secret to stop procrastination is planning ahead, going right back in when you get off track, and having the mindset that you are in control of your tasks!

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