A mentor I had many years ago once asked,”How good can you stand it?” She was talking about my life and the future I wanted. I hadn’t thought about it. We all have dreams. Do we believe we can have what our heart’s desire and deserve it?How Good Can You Stand It

If we do then why don’t we all have everything we want? Is life just luck for some and not others? These questions affect us, our health, our homes, and happiness.

Just How Good Can You Stand It?

I wondered, “Couldn’t I create my life by just living it? Did I have to plan it or something?” The questions sent me on a journey of discovery to figure out what she meant.

It took me some years to learn her meaning. I didn’t get it at first. My coach was asking me if I believed my thoughts were creative. In other words, can we think ourselves to have something better? Did I believe I could have it good?

We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time

Today I know we become what we think about most of the time. I went through a wretched time as a young adult. Full of doubt, being impressible by well-meaning people instead of listening to my inner voice. I needed to follow the wisdom that I believe lives inside each of us.

I had work to do on myself. It was time to change me because we do become what we think about most of the time. I’ll share my recipe shortly that changed my life and saved me. It also changed my world. I expect good things to happen to me daily and they do.

In order to help you prepare for accepting the good things in life I want to first ask you, ‘How good can you stand it”? Many clients aren’t sure they can have better health, a beautiful relationship, or a career that fulfills them. Over the years, I came to understand that we do create our future. For lack of a better way to describe it, we co-create our life with a higher power.

How Far Are You Willing To Grow? Open To The Idea Of Spiritual GrowthSpiritual Growth

As I always counsel this isn’t an article of religion though it is of personal or Spiritual growth – you decide.

I had a new client trying hard not to reenact her parent’s health patterns. We used the recipe.


Imagine you’ve decided to make bread from scratch. Maybe it’s your first time or you’ve seen someone else make bread. You know the best way is to start with a recipe.

For personal or Spiritual growth, the ingredients all come into your mind from your emotions and thoughts. It’s easy just five ingredients.

You’ll need:

  • An open mind and heart
  • A willingness to let go and surrender your story
  • A burning desire to change something in your life
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Think like a rock star

First comes the burning desire. What do you really want? Is it better health? Let’s take the client full of fear that she will end up with diabetes. Keera is certain she’s an evil person for her past eating habits and anoxia.

Keera desperately wants to change her health and have it good. If she wanted to enhance her career, it’s not even on her radar so the recipe will not work. It has to be something you desire more than anything else.We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time

She wants to grow old without getting diabetes. At 49, her blood sugars are off the charts and needs to lose weight along with changing how she eats. She possesses a burning desire to change. Doing ‘the work’ or actions required and be successful are likely.

  1. Second, lose the story. We all have one; hers is a pattern of eating like her parent, having the same body type, and being of similar personality. It’s hard for her to forgive anyone including herself.


Our fear guides our story. Her fear is driving worry about her past and family history. She sees her parent in herself. What she did was stop the story. We have to let it go. It’s like a death because it final.

Keera can begin to write a new future giving birth to something healing within herself. She created her own recipe of health without diabetes.

Why do people stay with their story or the past?

It’s hard to forgive ourselves. It’s like admitting you’ve done something wrong – worse, you are bad. I cried when I forgave myself for even little things. Human things. Things most of us do and somehow think it’s wrong to change.How Good Can You Stand It?

  1. As we age our thinking about general life changes. We do the silliest or most stupid things ‘in our youth’. Forgive yourself. It’s okay we all did silly stupid things; the difference is you’re learning from you lessons in life, many people aren’t. This is a big change known as having an open mind and heart.

Your mind is open to a new way of thinking and you begin to follow your heart. You begin to co-create with a higher power.

This is where we think like a rock star. Our Spiritual growth or personal development comes with a bonus – confidence. We see ourselves having it good. We know we deserve it. We ask whatever higher belief or power for our good and we do our part.

Keera changed how she ate and began to exercise right for her body. These things wouldn’t be permanent though without a change in thinking. Keera sees herself now as a rock star improving her health. She doesn’t let worry flood her mind because she dropped the past story she told every doctor or person that listened.

Today when others ask Keera how she did it  she answers with a simple question. ‘How good can you stand it?” It’s a great question.




Reference: April 2015 Science Of Mind Magazine and images from Fotolia all rights reserves.