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Is It No Surprise They Have An Infographic About Facebook Addiction?

 “Hi! I’m ___(state your name)___, and I’m a Facebook addict.”… Could this be the scenario sometime in the future?  Facebook and / or internet addiction is as real as it gets.  

 In China, Taiwan, and Korea, IAD or Internet Addiction Disorder affects as much as 30% of their populations , majority of which are hooked on social media and online gaming.  The United States shall follow suit in 2013, recognizing this as a real disorder that shall get into what is touted as the ‘bible of psychology’, or DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition).  Wow This is Facebook addiction is a little scary. 

 The rise of internet users alone in the US, going up to a staggering 127%, also coincided with a 40% decrease in a person’s average attention span; and a 66% increase in ADHD cases.  Are these just mere coincidences?  This infographic shows the psychology behind the addiction — what is the chemical reaction that takes place in our brain that triggers an emotional effect whenever we interact online?  


With the internet and social media now intricately intertwined with our day-to-day activities, whether be it work or play, how can we break free and be ‘normal’ social beings again? This is Facebook addiction is going to be more common. 





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