Build Your Business:  Focus On  Things That Truly Matter

 One of the hardest things not to do first thing in the morning for me is check email. I confess I am a news hound. I want to know what I might miss if I wait just an hour or two and get important things done that will take my business to the next level. If you are anything like me…

There’s no doubt about it, you’re a busy, successful business woman or a small business owner who’s always swamped with work.  Is busy-ness an indication that you are well on your way to build your business to great heights of success?  What does your to-do list and your daily calendar look like?  Is it peppered with meetings and conference calls?  How much time do you spend ploughing through your emails?  Do you pick up the phone every time it rings? Do you feel like you need to be Superman and attend to everything that needs to get done or else everything will fall apart?

How to build your business

It’s okay to stop for a moment, right now, and take a deep breathe. 

Take a step back and look at yourself.  You’re stressed. You feel every ache and pain in your body.  As a result, you’re not as productive and effective as you used to be.  Yes, you do work hard; but do you just keep pushing forward forgetting to look ahead to see if you’re moving towards the right direction?


The 90-10 Rule


You often hear great advice such as –‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ or ‘don’t major in minor things’.  Don’t let these words fall on deaf ears; they are true and really effective in bringing the best results for your business.  Don’t try to do and tick-off everything on your to-do list.  Did you know discerning and doing only 10% from your to-do list will give you 90% of the results you desire?  Yes, most of the stuff on your list may just be minor things that require maximum effort and bring in minimal results.  Is it really worth your time and effort?  Your phone call, your emails – most of them may just mere distractions that hog your attention from the things that really matter.

It takes a sound mind and the discipline to clear away the clutter and focus on what truly matters.  Go for the tasks that could make a difference today and in the future.  Look up and look out to truly what’s important.

A Few Things That Can Help You Stay Focused And Lower The Stress-Barometer

  1. Keep a journal or task calendar before the end of today write down the 1 to 3 things you wish you had accomplished today that will move you and your business forward. Focus on tasks first that bring you income.
  2. Then focus on things you must get down to keep your business marketed to your audience and prospects. This can be editing that content video and getting it published or not skipping your analytics review for the week once again. If you’re the rare person who loves to look at data then let me make a suggestion. Take your growth chart and put it up on the wall in your office where you can watch it increase daily and weekly. This is a big secret that the very wealthy use.
  3. Next Create new content everyday. If you have an assistant like I who takes care of the techy stuff you can pour your heart into your material. Write another chapter in your kindle book about how to find the ideal mate. Or schedule and hold a webinar (record it for future) for your clients on 3 quick homework tips for moms. It doesn’t matter that you’re a guy who is their insurance agent. It’s the topic and the fact that you care!  Heck have a guest speaker on the topic or share your wife’s best kept mommy tips. It’s about relationship building. 
When we do just a little planning we can stay focused, get more done, and we walk away from our computer or office feeling more confident and able to enjoy our time with family and friends. 
I want to ask you to please comment and share your tips or secrets. Share how you are using these tips if you desire. Just comment and help others grow.