How To Easily Write A book In 1 Day Or Less

Use It to Grow Your Business And Make A Queen’s Ransom

Want one big idea to bring help you start your business or grow it while you make money? Silly question we all do. So write a book or republish your book and follow these steps.How To Easily Write A Book In 1 Day Or Less

Let’s talk about why a book before we jump into the marketing piece and how to actually write your book in a day. A book encourages your status as a celebrity and builds your expertise regardless of your niche market. It doesn’t matter if you are an acupuncturists, dog groomer, homeschooling mom, or a car dealership owner named Carl Sewell who wrote a book titled 10 Commandments For Customer Service. Every customer that visits one of Carl’s showrooms leaves with an autographed copy of his book whether they buy a car or not.

Now if you were looking for a new car, and you were handed a book with this title written by the CEO of an auto dealer chain are you more likely to buy from him or his competition? This should be enough reason to want to write a book.

It’s also a stellar marketing tip. You become seen by your prospects and clients as the authority another marketing strategy. Event planners and venues are always for experts and what brands you as someone who knows what they are talking about more than someone who wrote a 250-200 word book.

 More Why’s Write A Book In 1 Day or Less

Wait there’s more. When we have valuable reasons for doing something our marketing writes itself. When I started out in business over 25 years ago it was all about sales, then the word was out that marketing was really the new selling. I want to introduce you to a new concept. Market or sell something because you have a reason. This is concept driven marketing It is based on building relationships and helping others.

These are reasons to write your book. What’s your reason for doing what you’re doing? The career you have chosen. Passion is what you should feel it is not your reason for choosing the career path you have chosen.

That’s what your book should be about your passion and your career. You may be a great dog sitter but you are in the business of marketing you not dog care to your clients.

Be like Carl Sewell who wanted to give the car buyer the best customer service experience. He uses that passion to help people through the stressful situation of purchasing the right vehicle by having 10 great customer service commandments he and his team live by. He doesn’t sell cars he sells superior customer service.

Next we will look at all the reasons to write a book as we discover the best and rarely used marketing concepts. If you want to be notified when our next publication happens fill out the form on this post and you’ll get my free report plus be notified when the next issue comes out!