Manage Your Twitter and Get More New Business


As you grow your twitter followers, you’ll find that managing them is important. It can be so time consuming that you’ll wonder if it’s worth it. Here are 6 tools to help you manage twitter followers that I have found will have you singing all the way to the bank as you connect with your top followers and weed out the unfertile twitters.

Manage Twitter Followers

Six tools to help you use twitter effectively

6 Tools – Manager Your Twitter


Twepe – lost cost daily summary of your follower activity take a look at this awesome too.

Usequitter – Free for now – weekly summary to help you manage your twitter accounts. 


Followerwonk – Wow, I like this. You can analyze and chart your follower for max results in converting them to paying customers.

Manage Flitter – another fav, helps you get rid of tire kickers who are just taking up space and never doing a thing – important as you grow.

Tweepi – ditto another tool to help you clean out people who don’t follow you back.

Contaxio – I love the option that it works on other things like Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+


If you try these or others and then decide not to use them it’s important to take their allow tag out of your setting so they don’t have access to your accounts. 

Let me know which tools to manage twitter followers  you liked and hey add to our comments others that you have found!




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