Marketing with Foursquare is a Cheap and Easy Alternative

As social media continues to evolve, many businesses are finding that reaching potential customers is as easy as having someone else post a positive statement about their experience to their newsfeeds. Facebook, Twitter, and other streaming accounts have the ability to reach thousands of people daily.

Foursquare was created as a mobile app where users can check into their locations, post comments and give reviews. It is blasted quickly and easily to whatever newsfeed they use on a regular basis. As a business you want to think of it as a way to market your business. 

Because of this, many business minded people have realized that Foursquare can be an excellent marketing tool that comes at little or not cost to them. Foursquare is a very simple app to use to market your business. Many people are using it to post their comments and locations on multiple social media sites at one time.

Successful Business Marketing is at Your Fingertips

Being able to market your business successfully with Foursquare is as easy and making sure that you business is part of the Foursquare directory. Foursquare makes this incredibly easy by offering a list of businesses that are in a particular area. However, some people may find that there business isn’t even part of the directory without this it is hard to market your business.

This could be for a variety of reasons, especially in more rural areas of the country. Foursquare makes it easy to add your business with three easy steps that are all very self explanatory.

Foursquare is not something that can only be used by the consumers. Businesses can put out information about upcoming events that they may be having or sponsoring so that when a user puts in their name they will also see the comment about upcoming events posted by the business. This obviously will help drive business in.

While social media seems to be taking over society, word of mouth is still something that is used on a daily basis. If one person sees that a business has posted something that they would be interested in attending, more than likely they will tell their friends and you have just created more business for yourself.

Businesses also have the ability to create specials based in Foursquare. If someone is a Foursquare user they have the option to use the discounts or specials that a business is running. For example, a business can promote a discount for every third check-in or offer free items to users who are using Foursquare to get their name out there.

Foursquare is a great marketing tool and one that is easy to use and doesn’t cost a thing. As the world of technology continues to evolve, more and more businesses will rely on getting the word out through social media platforms like Foursquare. With the ease of use of Foursquare, even if a person isn’t technologically savvy they can easily figure out how to use Foursquare to market and help drive business to them.

Tell us about your business experience using Foursquare below and what tips and tricks you can offer to other business owners!