How Do I Get Started Marketing My Business Online?

Recently I was at a networking meeting. I was shocked when I asked the thirty or so attendees how many were marketing online and only about 60% raised their hands. My next question, ” How many of you have a business blog or website?” A bunch of hands went down. How were these people still in business in a local yet internet based world. It seemed they needed a friend to help them learn how to market. 

Only about 45% of the room had their own blog. Many were relying on just their name in Google Places because ‘some’ SEO person phoned and set that up but they had no idea where their name appeared in the listing. Not only that, if they owned an agency like an insurance agency they knew the company had a website and their name appeared there but they were frustrated because no a single soul had ever found them because of this listing either!

 This Series Is Dedicated To Two Types Of Entrepreneurs Who Want To:

Learn How To Market Their Business

1. Local business owners nationally. Let’s get your name out there! You are letting your neighbor who knows how to run a business using online and direct marketing kill it in your community.

2. Home-based business start-ups. Heard about working from home and building a business online? Worried about your product and where to start. This is also for you! Start right here 

This very basic video is meant to start your creative juices flowing. 



The business 101 videos will take you through 30 plus things to do to drive traffic to your business. If you are looking for more hands-on we will be releasing a free eBook on this topic soon! You can sign up at right to receive an email with your copy. There is no risk or obligation. We do not share your name in anyway. 

My belief is that you came here to learn and grow in this new economy  I want to help you and how would you trust me if I screwed you by sharing this personal information.