No Doubt About It,  Stay Positive! This is at the center of How To Stop Doubting Yourself .

You have a goal. You are passionate, driven, determined to succeed.  You get the ball rolling.  And then..bam!  A cloud of doubt hovers above.  You get a blurred vision of what lies ahead.  You procrastinate. You start blaming others. You refuse to do anything. You just simply feel afraid.  And if only your thoughts could be written out on your forehead, it would spell the word Q-U-I-T.How To Stop Doubting Yourself

As the cliché goes, “life goes on”.  You really have to muster up enough courage to go on. It could be really difficult, but it can be done. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself up and start anew, or pick up from where you left off. Move on. This is at the center of How To Stop Doubting Yourself .

How can you move if you feel lousy, lazy, numb…if you think like you’re the biggest loser on the planet? But those are just your thoughts, your feelings.  Try to not to dwell on your thoughts and feelings. What matters now is– how you will respond to those thoughts and feelings?

When self doubt steps in here some of the things you can do to enlighten yourself to a new level of happiness.

a. Take a break. Oftentimes, a restful mind thinks clearly.  Pause for a while.  Take your thoughts to the time and place where you first said to yourself ‘I want to achieve.’

b. Find support. Seek inspiration. Get help.  You are not alone.  Others may have gone through the same road, or may have seen worse.  Having someone who understands or even just listens and comforts, may encourage you to bounce back.

c. Begin with yourself. You owe it to yourself to succeed.  Those goals are yours.  Take responsibility, claim it!

Life will definitely punch you on the face once in a while.  Yes, you get those cuts and bruises.  Don’t focus on the pain, but try how to deal with the pain. There is a time and a circumstance when the healing begins…

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