Instagram’s Newest App.

In 2012, my team and I wrote this article. This week Instagram released its answer to Snapchat, calling it Blot.

A big plus of this application is its ability to upload images as well as videos.Bolt

Bolt Takes Center Stage With Features Users Desire

Bolt, will allow users to send self-deletable photos and video messages from their mobile device. Just two years after Facebook bought the photo-sharing app, they have a new application to take on Snapchat. Bolt released August 4, 2014 is bound to be a major player. 


It’s so easy to use that with one push of a button you snap your photo or take a video and send it.  It boasts a toolbar at the bottom where you can list your friends. A cool feature is the undo. Simply shake your app and that’s it. Something else special, you don’t need to have an email to sign up, just a phone number.


You can easily invite friends to join by SMS or text message. Many who will like this app use text messaging more than other forms of communication. Plus videos and photo keep friends and family together. Now you can share your recipes and the images of everyone enjoying a special event.mobile apps


Now for the bad news, this app is in a soft launch in a handful of countries, and the United States isn’t one of them.


For those lucky to live in these three countries, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, you can begin using it now 


Below is our original article.

Is your Facebook news feed ridden with photos of mouthwatering dishes and desserts your friends ordered in restaurant? Or did your best friend just post her latest hairstyle straight from the salon? Most likely, these photos were uploaded with this app.

Yes, Instagram is hot property with over 100 million users worldwide, and top 100 brands are now using it to generate “wows”, “ooohhhs”, “aahhhs”, “yums” – expressions and comments that generate those likes, follows, shares, re-pins…

  8 Tips Using Photos To Market Your Business:

 mobile apps 1. Use photos as visual storytelling tools to show and tell how your business helps improve or enhance your customer’s lifestyle. Also, encourage your users to share their own photos that depict their experiences with your brand or products.
2. Be creative let your photos stand out. Post photos that inspire and incite emotions and reactions.
3. Be original. Have fun. Explore and play around with concepts on how you could breathe life into an otherwise boring product shot.
4. Embed some text into your photos that could add a touch of humor or information.

5. Put behind-the-scenes photos to the forefront. Your audience love to feel they belong and are welcome to interact with your business and the rest of the community.
6. If you want more people to find your photos and share them, use hashtags. Checkout sites like Webstagr.am, Statigr.am, and Followgr.am to discover what people are sharing.
7. Use apps to edit and enhance photos for editing. Instagram allows you to play around with your photos like adding effects, make photo collages, adding text, etc. Use them to make your photos awesome.
8. Run photo contests. They’re a great way create viral promotion for your brand.

Your Small Business Has Advantages

upload photos app
How to use Instagram to market your small business is something, few businesses are taking advantage of at this time. There is no better time than the present, even if you’re reading our article for the first time in 2014, use photos and videos and go up a level.

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