Instagram the photo solution to sharing everything about your business.

Can Instagram Benefit Your Local Business?

There was a rush of clients a few months back asking how Instagram can help market their local business. Let’s start by say it’s not for everyone. If you don’t love to take photos of your products or smiling faces of your clients it might not fit the bill as part of your marketing plan.

On the other hand, Mary a home-based business client is excelling with Instagram. She makes darling crochet infant outerwear just as grandma did. If you don’t have a grandma or yours doesn’t knit, Mary can give your baby that great look of grandmotherly love.

On the other hand, if you do massage, sharing client photos might be the best idea. Here are tips to help you get started with Instagram. When we work with client in our Do-It-For-You custom programs it’s as easy as enjoying a cup of your favorite tea or coffee.

Instagram is not hard to use. The photos you share come from your smart phone to Facebook or other places.

How To Use Instagram

  • Download the app to your device and begin taking photos. A list filters for your images follows:
  • Amaro: Help focus on the center of the item. Also adds more light if your photo is dark.
  • Rise: Adds a softer glow to your image. This helps it seem more natural.


    Instagram Can Bring Your Images To Facebook

  • X-Pro II: Makes the colors of your photo pop out. In addition, helps create warmer tones.
  • Lo-Fi: This feature helps give your photo rich, warm color.
  • Inkwell: This will turn your photo black and white.
  • Hefe: The colors are rich and warm, but not nearly as rich and warm as Lo-Fi.
  • Kelvin: Makes your photo appear bright and vibrant.

Once you have your images you can share them on your blog, online, and through social media. The catch is how much time do you have to do this? Let’s say you decide to share an image a day you can create a great online image diary for of sorts called The 365 days of . . .

 local businesses

Some local businesses flourish Through the use of images. Courtesy Of:WolfWolfMama

Imagine if you’re a veterinarian or pet groomer how pet owners would love to see when their animal appears in your social media. However if you sell auto-insurance it’s doubtful that your clients are hoping you will share a photo of their latest car crash with the world.

Using Instagram can have its advantages you will need to be creative to give high value in return for the time it takes to do right. It can be used to update your Google Local business listing at a click of a button.