Check Your Leadership Style: Do You Lead by Doing?  Or Are You Being A Leader?

Leadership is more than being the ‘action man’ in your organization.  As leaders of our own small businesses, we often get caught up in the web of ‘busy-ness’.  We  juggle a million things to do;  and when we are able to scratch them off our to-do-lists, we get a sense of accomplishment, then we move on to the next…

Leadership By Doing Or Leadership by BeingLeadership Doing Verses Being

But are we being leaders if we  just keep on doing things? Agree, leadership requires action;  but does our actions reflect our insights, our values?  Is our leadership always driven by the measure of success, rather than by the expression of our passions? 

Are we always reacting to situations and answering questions, rather than questioning and inciting circumstances? 

Are we just trying to figure out the ‘how’s, and not reflecting enough t find out the ‘whys’? Take a step back and look at your leadership style.  Are you just taking the lead in doing things or are you being the leader in shaping how things must be?




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