Lead With Passion

The other day my husband and I decided to start a diet again you know to lose that extra few pounds we gained way back at the holiday season and still haven’t lost. As we started looking at the program he sighed looking depressed at the short list of foods we could eat and said, “I really don’t like diets.” Between the tone of his voice and the look on his face it was clear he wasn’t very excited or passionate about releasing the weight though he really wanted to be healthier and thinner.

It’s not that we are obese we just gained more than is healthy. How to go about even simple or hard tasks in our life is important.Our inner language and our self-talk can throw us out of the game.

We must approach the things we do with excitement and passion or affect the outcome and our ability to grow and fulfill our goals. Your inner game has to be dead on with your desire to achieve them.

A negative inner game will de-focus your efforts and get you swinging at the wrong balls life throws your way and you will strike out.

Turning the conversation around I suggested we focus on the things that excite us about losing the extra 10 pounds we’d both put on.

Light Up With Excitement and Passion
Light Up With Excitement and Passion

How about fitting into my favorite clothes for one?  I really can get excited about this because then I think about the other option of buying new clothes in a bigger size. What woman doesn’t like to shop or at least buy new clothes it’s more a matter of I have better things to do with my time and my money.

I would rather use my time on travel, getting my services out to my clients in the best way possible and yes helping others are all better uses of my time. And as I just pointed out time is important. If I lose the extra waist and butt luggage as I refer to it, I don’t spend time in the future going to doctors when my health declines for weight related issues and I save money on possible future medical bills.

Passion and excitement are more though. It sounds way easier here than it is. So how do we get our game on more often than not? It takes active, critical thinking on your part. In simpler terms watch what you say out loud for a day and then a week. Every comment of, “I don’t like to do that, or that’s not my thing can be your way of talking yourself out of something.

Chart how much your self-talk is stopping or holding you back. Use the ‘R’ from the ARKO Success Academy to reset and record the right belief to help you unleash your potential.

Bring excitement and passion to everything you do and watch it multiply the fantastic outcomes that await you!.