Have You Started Developing Your Expert Skills

Early this week we started discussing how to become an expert. Imagine the freedom and time to do what you love. It’s time you took control of your dreams and do what you love as the expert. If you don’t love what you’re doing it’s hard to become a leader in it.

There is a strategy to every business dream you possess. Whether you are desire to focus on your customers experience or building your brand you have to have a strategy in place and take action.

Expert Code

Start with this action step and unleash your inner expert.

Failing to have a great business plan could result in failure in your business. You can’t become an leader at something if you don’t know which direction to even go. Have you ever been lost while driving wishing you could pull over and find out which way to go on your smart phone? What if you had no map or smart phone to get you there? It would be just like running your business without a plan.

More Great Tips To Help Build Your Expert Knowledge

We have started giving you tips on how to build expertise. It’s time to start implementing them so you can be even more successful.


Pull out pen and paper:

  • Ask yourself how you can be valuable. 
  • Are you be helpful to other people? If the answer is no, than maybe it’s time to rethink the strategy you have tried to implement.
  • If you aren’t providing anything of value than what are you an expert at? People need to know that you know what you’re doing. If you fail to provide anything of valuable what are you giving back?

Now Just Be The Expert

It’s time to become an expert. As you get better and better write down what works and what doesn’t.  Learn as much as you can. Learn from other people. Use that knowledge to show that you’re an expert in your field. I use to feel I was stealing if I wrote about an idea I was using but hadn’t made public before someone else did. The problem was I had used the information, the mindset, the method before and just not claimed my right to it. 

Don’t do this. Even if what you are doing is being done by another person don’t let that stop you. Claim your right to that knowledge and method. Offer the product or service with your unique perspective. This is what makes it different and of value. 

Develop your skills as you sell your own stuff. In the end it’s all about making money while adding value. Before you can get to the top you have to practice.

Start selling your product. Build trust with people as you show them what you have to offer. Get out there and sell, sell, sell without the ‘used-car’ style. 

Be nice to people. Being a jerk will only lose you business. While it’s great to be passionate, don’t come off as arrogant. It turns people off to be around someone that is a complete jerk when you talk to them. Your passion should come through as your belief in yourself not that everyone needs what you offer. 

Stop letting the number game rule you. You can’t become an expert or build your business if you are just focusing on the numbers. It will only cause you unneeded stress and anxiety and it isn’t worth it.

You’ve been giving tools to help you develop not only as a leader but as an expert in your field. Now dream bigger. Push yourself to be even better in your field of expertise.