convertConvert Just a Typical Internet Surfer to a Customer

It’s no secret that in the world of e-commerce people are constantly searching for the best deal and will stick with sites that are easy to navigate and catch their eye. If your site is hard to navigate, or full of information that isn’t useful to the potential customer than you will have trouble converting them from the products that they were buying to your products.

One of the most important things on any website is the search box tool. The search box is used to find the things that people want to look at on your site. However, if your search box blends in with all of the other information on your site you will find that people will abandon the site because it was too hard to navigate. You want to make your search box as easy to see as possible and make sure that it looks different then any other form box that you may have. Making sure that the buttons are easy to use, such as the go or search button is also important factors in how easy the content on your site is to find.

Figure out What Customers Want

Aside from having an easy to navigate way to search for results, how those results come up when they are searched are important as well. You want to make sure that you are getting the attention of your customers with your best products first. Things like sales items or an item that you really want to showcase can be at the very top of the returned search results.

You should also allow your visitors to refine what they want to search by the price that they want to pay. This pleases customers as they know that they will be able to find the product that they want at or around a certain price. This also makes the site easy to navigate so they don’t have to spend so much time scrolling through information that they don’t find useful.

Use social sharing buttons. Allow your visitors to put your website onto their social media sites such as Pinterest or Facebook. Not only will the customer then be able to recommend your site to their friends, but they will also be able to drive more business to your site without you having to put a lot of extra work in.

It is also important to let your customers know how much of something that you have in stock. If you give a stock count of the items that you have people will know how much they can or can’t buy at a particular time. This will more than likely lead them to look for alternate items on your site which in turn leads to sales for you.

If your website is user friendly and all of the buttons are easy to understand than you should have no problem converting people who are merely searching into return traffic for your business. However, you have to make people want to come back to your website again and again so keep it simple, easy to navigate, but show off your product as much as you can without giving up on content.

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