Marketing Basics: 7 B2B Content Marketing Tactics Every new online marketer should know or risk failure.

 Michael Aagaard, self-described online copywriter, and LPO and testing fanatic, Contentverve; and Stephanie Tilton of Ten Ton Marketing when asked what is important about content marketing came up with these seven tactics. 

Is your inbound marketing strategy running at high speeds? Learning how to make things work like a true evergreen business model is tough. Content is king and these seven tactics are important.

It’s not enough that your SMM engines and online machines are peformance tested. Content marketing is the fuel to sustain you through your journey, to make sure that you’re not running on empty in reaching your target market. Content is not all B2B Content Marketing Tacticstext. Videos, podcasts, photos, infographics..content variations, repurposing are crucial. Hinge on the speed and reach of social media.

B2B Content Marketing Drivers

Also you have to look for rich, value driven content topics for your audience. Be sure to map your buying strategy so that your reader moves toward taking action and buying from you. Hold a mindset that content marketing is an inbound link building startegy.

Your social media is how you get the word out you have something new that your prospects want to read, and be sure to think like a publisher after all, you are. Use a publishing calendar with deadlines for your stories and stick to it. I like to include the type of content as well. 

 Michael Aagaard, self-described online copywriter, and LPO and testing fanatic finally says think beyond free content as you move your audience to buying.  

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