Monetize and Measure your Video Marketing Success

video marketing

When you post a video for your business you want to know what type of market you are reaching. Now, there are two new online tools that you can use to do just that. It will not only help improve your overall business image, it will also help you reach the type of customers that you want.

2 Awesome Tools for Success With Your Video Marketing

Viewbix – Now allows you and your business to create skins for your videos. With the pro version you are also able to measure analytics to see where your videos are being watched most and what type of videos are catching potential customer’s eye. Staying on top of your video marketing couldn’t be easier. 

OneLoad – An innovative tool that now allows you to post your video on all social media sites. You can get the type of traffic you have always wanted without the hassle of posting each video one at a time to different video sites.


When thinking video don’t stop at video marketing also how can you use video to make a great product.