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The Most Profitable Small Businesses Have More Than One Plan

Your business plan is such a big deal when it comes to success or failure. Take a look around you at the most profitable small businesses. Do you think they made it this far without a concrete plan?

Profitable small businesses know in order to have continued success they have to evaluate their current plan and build on it. If you want to have residual income and a successful small business, keep reading. If you plan on just sticking to one plan maybe having a business isn’t for you.

The Most Profitable Small Businesses Change Plans From Time To Time

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Business planning means involving everyone.

Let’s create a scenario that helps you see why having more than one plan for your business is important:

It’s summer time. All of your favorite retail stores have racks of cute shirts and shorts. They have your favorite flip-flops on sale and are offering great deals on tanning products. You know that you can walk into your favorite retail store during the summer and get the best summer accessories at great prices.

Now imagine that it’s winter. You don’t need shorts and tank tops anymore. You need sweaters and warm socks. But when you walk into your favorite retail store they still have shorts, tank tops, and swimming suits.

What happened? Simple.  They didn’t have a new business plan for a new season. Do you see how having more than one plan is good for your business?

Don’t Just Settle For The First Business Plan

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Writing down your goals helps you plan

Developing a business plan is trial and error. You may find the first plan that you come up with just isn’t working. It’s okay! Don’t give up on your business because your first plan doesn’t work as well as you hoped. Making adjustments is expected and necessary. The most profitable small businesses have had plans that failed. You know what they did, they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and came up with a better plan of action.

Head back to the drawing board and keep writing in your journal. Find out what part of your plan failed and fix it. It may take you a year or more to find what works best for your business. There’s nothing wrong with this. There is no such thing as a perfect plan. It takes time and effort to figure out the right direction for your business. Never hesitate to ask questions!

Be Happy With Your Business

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Business Plans are like a battle plan. You wouldn’t enter the game without one.

The best business plan is one that makes your happy. If you can’t come up with a plan you’re happy with  begin with a few things you know that work and write them down. This will get you moving in the direction you need. It’s going to take time and dedication to implement the plan that you have developed. Don’t give up before you have the chance to be truly successful. We are here to help you. While we can’t create your plan for you, we can give you advice on things that have worked for us.