A Few Simple Steps to Produce Compelling B2B Video

One of the most empowering things that I do as a woman every day is get out of bed and go to a career that is male oriented. I have learned that in order to make a name for myself I have to produce quality material but also go above and beyond what is asked of me. I think that most career women will find that this is true in a typically male dominated business world. In order to improve ourselves as women and get ahead we have to make sure that all of the information we present is not only compelling but also business driven. Video

Compelling B2B Videos are Easy to Make

The same goes with producing compelling B2B videos. Most of the B2B videos out there that you research our oriented towards males since the world of business at one time was considered to be only for men. However, with more and more women breaking successfully into the business world they need to learn how to be compelling while still being taken seriously. Here are a few helpful steps to make sure that your B2B is compelling to both males and females while helping to boost your career.

  1. Keep your video as simple as you can. In order to make a compelling video the information that is contained in the video has to be useful. However, if you make the video too difficult to follow you will find that people begin to lose interest almost immediately.
  2. Create your video like you would see a professional create it. Think about how movies and commercials are shot and use the rule of thirds. This will help your video content look not only compelling, but also extremely professional which only adds to the positive impact it will have for you.
  3. Use a tripod to make sure that your video isn’t shaky. Without a tripod you will find that the video is hard to follow while you are trying to get the perfect shot.
  4. Shoot your video in a location that is clean and well lit. Proper lighting is always important in any video, but if you are trying to shoot a compelling video bright natural light as well as limited surroundings is important to consider. You don’t want to have so much going on in your video that the audience can’t focus on the main point.
  5. Keep it short. No one wants to sit through an hour long video that is making the same point over and over again. You need to make your point in the video while keeping your time limited. Over producing is not how to produce compelling B2B  videos

Powerful career women know how to get a persons attention. When making a B2B video you have to know how to not only get a persons attention but be able to hold their attention until the end of the video. You want to make sure that you are taken seriously while creating a compelling video for your business.

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Follow these steps and you will produce compelling B2B videos with ease!