The Trick To Attract Your Soul Mate

Attract Your Soul Mate

Attract Your Soul Mate


Are you Lonely? Open your heart to attract a soul mate.


When people say they’re independent and feel that is when most people believe they’re ready for love.  Tara Springett, a therapist and author of Soulmate Relationships: How to Find, Keep, and Understand Your Perfect Partner, says it’s quite the opposite. 


Burning Desire


One key is a strong desire for a loving relationship.  We have to have a burning desire for something if we want to have it enter our lives. The Law Of Attraction fulfills what we think about most often If you focus on the lack of an ideal mate you will continue to manifest exactly what you think about most often.


Most people in life want to feel needed.  When someone is independent and fulfilled they’re less attractive to a partner because there is no need for the other partner to fill. 


The trick is to give up some of your independence and claim your need for a partner.  Next you need to begin to love yourself and life.  Celebrate right where you are and release any resentment you have with anyone from the past or present. 


Releasing any negative energy, especially, surrounding past relationships and this will open up new pathways for new beginnings.  Loving ourselves while we are alone with all our faults allows us to be open and available. 


Love Yourself More


When we surround ourselves with love we begin to visualize that perfect, loving, nurturing relationship we crave and desire.  In that place of joy and happiness is where the soul mate will appear and manifest into a lasting relationship.


Set resentments aside, open your heart, and release control to manifest a soul mate into your life.  It’s easy; you just have to be willing and open to receive.  Follow those guidelines and watch as love begins to bloom in your life.

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