The Online Review Site Conundrum

Just found out your name is everywhere online. If that isn’t enough, bunches of websites have ‘set-up’ a directory listing for your business. That’s not the worst part. Someone just told you there’s a review and it’s not so great.

Without your wanting it or even agreeing to it, over twenty of these directories are listing you and your business. How do you manage this and why do you want to is the bigger question.

The Big Problem

1. If you don’t manage it, someone else is doing it for you. Find out who is in our video above.

2. It’s a great way to get free online reviews and advertising of your business. We call this online marketing and it can be easily done by you or someone who helps you with your business. You may have in office staff or if you are like me, I love empowering women around the country and work with a VA.

Personally, I do this myself since it takes just a few minutes each month. There are many tools to manage your listings one that will do a free analysis is http://www.yext.com . I advise only do the analysis so you know where you are listed and what might be missing from your listing with each directory.

A directory by the way is another name for a review site. Once you have the list, which you can copy, and paste into a text editor like word or Google Docs you can manually run through the list updating your information. If this sounds like too much work Yext or other places are happy to manage your listings for a nice fee.

Remember you are paying them to manage your listing not to run ads or get you new clients. Choose wisely how you spend your money and time.

Can you hire someone to do this or do you have time right now to do it yourself is the questions you should ask yourself before committing to a yearlong program. I hope you got value and I would love to hear your questions below and help if I can. Please comment.