Our Challenges Don’t Define Us. How We Deal With Them Does ~ Debra Arko



 Sometimes we think of challenges as failures. We expect ourselves to be right on target the first time. It’s our concept of your perfection. This is a mindset and mind – sets can be changed. Folks we are not perfect! We are amazing that is different.

I don’t know about you but I can remember piano lessons. I definitely felt challenged and there were times I lived through defeat as the piece of music never quite made it to my fingers. The chords came out choppy or the timing was off but I faced the music. Did you play an instrument? I bet most of you did and if you didn’t you likely played a sport. 

Practice is part of both right? Now I am not going to ask you how often you told your teacher or coach that you did those boring drills but even if you only live up to the challenge some of the time you learned to play that guitar (for me it was the piano) or stayed on the soccer team another year. Challenges shape a character of a person. 

 Our Challenges Don’t Define Us. How We Deal With Them Does.

If you are looking to grow personally and to have a mindset that will help you both personally and professionally we must face our challenges. Here is a quick tool to dealing with things you don’t want to do. 

First admit to yourself your not so into what ever it is. Then make sure it’s important to moving your business forward. Then set up an appointment with yourself to tackle this. Maybe you are wanting to learn how to make infographics like the one I made on this page? Don’t expect the first one to be ‘pretty’. Remember you’ll get better with time and faster. Stay committed and let your success define you not your lack of effort. 


Infographics by: Distinctive Business Concepts