Pink cloud metaphysicsThe first time I heard someone say something about Pink Cloud Metaphysics, I had to laugh. I had always wondered if we could be too positive in our thoughts that we lost sight of pain and compassion. Creating the life you desire has nothing to do with pie in the sky fantasies.

Pink Cloud Metaphysics

Pink Cloud Metaphysics is an excellent way to explain why having compassion for others especially people in pain is so important. The truth is life isn’t a bed of roses. We do have pain, suffering, and disappointment. It’s our ability to admit even with positive thinking we can experience non-positive experiences that we move from pink cloud metaphysics to critical thinking.

Yes, critical thinking the ability to evaluate our beliefs, values, and attitudes. In the case of physical pain such as arthritis, what are your beliefs? Do you believe it is part of getting older?

If we say a person caused their own pain with thought, we’ve lost sight of the truth. A mental belief held for a lifetime is very firm. You accept early on you’ll have pain, you expect it, even take no action to change your future.

What if instead you thought of your body as something special; felt it was a scared place to live. Our bodies’ are temples. I feel they house our real essence or Spirit. Why do we decide to not take care of our physical self?

Physical Person And Spiritual PersonPhysical Person And Spiritual Person

We have been lead to believe our Physical person and Spiritual person are separate. For centuries, Science and God were kept apart. If we think that we all grow old and develop pain, we fulfill that both in how we care for our body and our soul. Simply these two parts of us are not separate. The physical and spiritual person are one.

Our thoughts are powerful. Let’s look at something other than health like careers. Have you ever wondered why positive thought doesn’t deliver you the perfect career full of success and money?

Without a sense of your desire at an early age; you’ll need to begin today. First you will need to retarget your thinking process. The past will have to be rewritten in your memory and then dropped. There is nothing about this that is pink cloud metaphysics. It’s real science where you practice rewiring your mental attitude about events presently in your life and review past beliefs that have designed your daily values.

Yes, some people practice Pink Cloud Metaphysics. They believe they can say they will find the perfect life partner, or win the lottery. At the same time, they still hold onto the past. Are you doing this now in some area?

critical thinking A question I ask myself every time I desire something. I invite you to ask yourself the question too. If it’s a better relationship with a loved one, how do you feel about the relationships you had as a child with others? Did you have a happy or unhappy upbringing?

If your language to describe this time is filled with words of pain or sadness, it might be fixating your present ability to create meaningful relationships in past patterns. This is where retargeting your thinking plays a role.

I recommend you work with someone who specializes in this style of Integrative life and health coaching. This is work and at times it’s difficult. Here are a few tips so you can decide where in your life you can move beyond Pink Cloud Metaphysics into truly Consciously Living your life.

Critical Thinking About Life

  1. Write a letter to yourself telling ‘you’ about your childhood. Were you happy? Did you have support? What is your favorite memory and your worst? Go on through it taking no more than 4-8 pages. The reason is this is not a detailing rather it’s a summary of how you arrived at your present ideas about yourself.
  2. Now make an agreement with yourself to rewrite this past. Look at the events on the paper and write a new letter to yourself about how each event helped you grow, learn, or improve who you are or want to be. This is the metaphysics[1] of your life. This may take time to resolve in your heart. This is why it’s important to work with a Spiritual coach.writing

If you had a parent who belittled you as a child, as an adult have you’re worked to build confidence? Through that work you’re stronger than most people. You’ve met many people who are good friends and maybe even your partner. None of this would have happened if you had different experiences. You would be a different person shaped by a set of altered events. We all have a past.

Looking at the past events in your life as something that built you to who you are now is honest. Take those experiences and use them to be successful. This isn’t pink cloud metaphysics it’s empowerment.




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