A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

For someone who’s starting a small business, podcasting is touted as one of the emerging trends in social media that you must get your hands on.  Large leading companies like Toyota and CNN, are doing it…so can you!

If you think that a podcast is like having your own radio show where you could talk about how your business, could help answer a need, give advices and tips, entertain and educate your market — you are right!  If you think that doing a podcast is costly, needs super hi-tech recording equipment, and can only be done by ‘professionals’ — you are wrong! 

5 Simple Steps in Creating A Podcast: podcasting

1.  Great content is still king.  Writing great content that is aimed at ‘teaching’, mentoring, imparting knowledge to your audience is the essence of a podcast.  Add a dash of humor, fun, interesting anecdotes, and light moments.

2. Getting the right equipment, doesn’t mean that you should get expensive equipment.  Yes, you can do-it-yourself.  Try checking out shops that offer podcasting kits that come with a microphones, headphones, and audio recording and editing software programs.

3.  Recording your podcast.  To ensure you’ve set-up all your equipment,  do a test recording –if your microphone is plugged-in and your recording software is running perfectly.  Once you’re done with recording and editing, and convert your audio file to mp3 format.

4.  Publish your podcast to your blog or website.  This is where the ball begins to roll, so to speak.  Uploading and publishing your podcast on a website or blog is a must-do-step in order for your audience to find your podcasts and subscribe to your updates.  Installing an RSS feed to your website is recommended.

5.  Promote your podcast.  Exercise all efforts to promote your podcast through social media, email newsletters, etc.

Some facts about Podcasting:

– Podcasts may be carried by iTunes and other content websites, or you may opt to give it for free on your Twitter or Faceook.

– Schedule airing your podcasts at a specific day or time that could start getting your audience into a routine.

– There is no required length for the podcast.  Play by the rhythm of your audience. As newbie, you may start by limiting your podcast to 20 minutes.