“Potential is the most under-achieved word in the dictionary. We spend more time looking back at what we think we should have done instead of focusing on our potential for our future.” By Debra Arko  

Ask yourself if you started today doing one thing you know well teaching other people this thing or helping others with this thing you know how much potential success, happiness, and wealth you could achieve for yourself and others? It’s called using your potential and most of us don’t use it. 

Imagine Using Your Potential

Unlimited Potential Are Like Seeds

Unlimited Potential Are Like Seeds

Now look back ten years and imagine you started to use your natural ability  Where would you be today? How many people would you have helped?  How many lives would you have changed?  How would your life be different and what dreams would you have fulfilled.

So what is stopping you from starting today?

1. Start thinking about the seeds or potential you hold within you and how you can help others and be successful. Not sure how or where to start then begin with writing out a checklist of the things you want to do in your life. Not just today but in the future.

2. Write out at least ten things you really want and feel you deserve. 

3. Next think about that one thing you do well.  Write it down and all the details of how you can share it with others.

4. In what ways will it help people if you shared it with them? How would it help their future?  Can it change lives in a simple little way?

You may not realize it or have forgotten why you became a dentist, or learned to play the piano. Now you may be wondering how knowing to play piano could help someone else.

I met a man once who loved music but didn’t know how to play. At forty he thought he couldn’t learn.  After all, he didn’t want to be the “adult” guy in a kids piano class. Finally someone started an online piano program for adults and he became the star client writing a winning testimonial for the website.

This is using your potential. It has two sides you sharing your limitless creativity and the receiver who benefits if they take action on what you offer.

Finally. . .

Who is waiting to receive? Start your two lists today and prepare to make things happen.