Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~Lao Tzu

nothing is lacking

Nothing Is Lacking Because The Whole World Belongs To You!

One of the toughest lessons is realizing nothing lacking in our lives. We struggle with the idea that God or Essence can give us everything. All we have to do is just ask. The hard part for many is belief.  A brilliant body is waiting for you and prosperity is waiting for you; it’s a matter of knowing nothing is lacking. It’s knowing you are powerful enough to do it.

Our faith must be strong. Our ability to have everything the world has to offer comes from this idea because nothing is lacking. This idea is knowing you have the ability to be healthy or drop your menopause weight.

We have to believe this. Trust in it. Know it to be true. Then Spirit or God can give us what we want.

Are you wondering why you don’t have it all now? What are you afraid of I ask? Maybe it’s more than one thing that’s fine, we all begin where we start and that is the beginning line that you step over and change your life. You trust yourself and let go. You just know it’s possible to lose weight after 50 without drugs or that old nagging belief that, “you’re just going to be overweight at this age.”  That is a a belief is lack!

Nothing Is Lacking Its Fear Pushing Prosperity Away

Fear creeps in for a lot of people. You have to believe you are worth it. For example, if you want more money in your life, are you open to receiving it? Earlier this week a client shared, “I thought I was until a friend asked me if I was open to people buying me things.” prosperityprosperity

She went on to say, “Later I was shopping with another person, and they offered to pay, I had a hard time accepting this. I had a problem with receiving and because of this, my world was lacking.”

The world belongs to you if you’re willing to receive. A quick affirmation to help you through your fear follows. You can use this for prosperity, health, or relationships. Heck use it for anything you desire.

“This day I face my fear of good happening for me. I open to the knowledge that I am not lacking and that I can be content.”

Are you ready to receive more good in your life? We can journey together if you like. We’ll find more of ourselves. There’s a ripple effect happening in the world of awareness that you create prosperity in your life.

Nothing Is Lacking

The first step is watching for opportunities to receive. Say yes more often, in fact always if someone offers. the whole world belongs to you

Then being thankful is next step. This two-step combination is essential. That Essence or Intelligence is just that smart and aware. When these opportunities happen, be happy and grateful for your abundance and literally say thank you to the person and to Essence, which is working through both of you.

Finally, be generous to others. To receive is to give as well. In the art of giving, we accept a blessing. A blessing that we are content and that the world belongs to use.