The Top Ways To Engage On LinkedIn With Potential Clients With These Steps


So why LinkedIn?  Your business is important to you. So are your clients. It’s not something you can simply turn off when you shut down your computer or lock the doors at night. Little things always pop up that remind you of your clients or need for more clients. Let’s change that by making it interesting and fun with this savvy networking venue online called LinkedIn. 


We all know that finding ways to engage with clients on a regular basis is important. Clients want to not only know what your business and product is about, but also what you are about. Using LinkedIn will give your clients both. It can also help to attract more potential clients. That ladies and gents helps you sleep like a baby at night.

Build Your LinkedIn Profile And Grab Those Clients!

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, get one. How do you expect to compete in the marketplace if you are where business people gather. Also these same people are your clients and your competition so be sharp!

It is simple to get started and you will notice that they have a lot of different options so your business will grow. Here are a few things that will help get you started and increase client retention.

  1. Add applications to your profile. By doing this you can choose what type of applications your current and potential clients use. With a miss of different tracking applications you can see what your clients are interested in. You can also use the calendar application to meet your followers face to face.
  2. If you don’t have endorsements on your profile, get them. Endorsements are simple to add and will give you even more credibility than you already have.
  3. Get active in the groups that relate to your profession. You probably already have a network of people that have helped your business succeed. LinkedIn lets you expand that network and meet new people. This will expand your business reach and provide you will potential leads.
  4. Get recommendations. The great part about having a profile is that it allows your followers to recommend you to other users. This is a great marketing tool that will help your business get out there and get noticed.


I’m sure that you’re already aware how powerful social media can be. LinkedIn provides another powerful tool for your business to use to be even better than it already is!

Leave us a comment and let us know how LinkedIn has made a positive impact on your business. Share what has worked for you, and what hasn’t. You can also read about how to successfully target your LinkedIn customers here.