self-empowermentThe idea of self-empowerment seems to be getting a lot of attention recently so I decided to revise this article written some time ago by me. Most days like many of you I read, I journal and then are days I don’t get to it. I feel a little less empowered those days. It’s easier for things to get those days, do you feel this way too?

Maybe It’s Just Me That Needs Daily Self-Empowerment

When I first wrote about this I talked about how we do the comparison to others – gagging the things in our lives, this really doesn’t help. It made me crazy at times so I stopped years ago. I realized it doesn’t matter if someone else has a new car [I drive a 14-year-old Toyota] I don’t go much in my car so why spend money; instead I invest. It logical, it’s smart it’s empowering to make a decision for me.

Yes, I would love to weigh a little less, shave off a bit here and there – it’s in my power – live at the gym. That’s what I would do to achieve it.empowered

It’s easy to look from the outside at someone else’s life and think they have a better job, nicer looking body, bigger house, or they’re engaging in more joy filled activities.

Personal Esteem Disruptors

Thoughts like these, I believe only serve to disrupt your own self-empowerment. When we compare ourselves to others, it’s unfair to both parties. It destroys personal esteem. The only person that you should care about improving is you.

Personal Esteem Doesn’t Come From Comparisons

It’s like comparing apples and oranges when you compare yourself with someone else. Every time you engage in this behavior, you minimize your personal esteem, leaving you open to disappointment. The only person you have to make happy is you.

Many people live with the unconscious belief they need to make others in their life like them to be happy. Nothing could be further from the truth. This kind of thinking doesn’t help you grow into a spiritual being, let alone a successful person.

personal esteem

I finally feel strong, empowered, and own my self-empowerment. The key was simple.

  1. Daily tell yourself you’re wonderful. Stand in the middle of a room raise your arms high in the air pointing skyward giving your back a good stretch and say it. It doesn’t have to be out loud you just have to mean it.

At first it’ll feel silly, it’ll seem odd. Do it anyway. No one is watching unless you have a cat or dog.

  1. Next daily – open your arms wide pointing horizontal tell yourself you’re enough and mean it. If your self-empowerment is low you’ll not believe a word of it – keep it until you know it because it’s true.
  2. Finally, daily tell yourself, God loves you or whatever higher source you believe in – because you’re loved. Place your hands over your heart.

If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. It’s all true and empowering to the soul. When we do this especially with the arms movements, we are opening ourselves to the greatness that is ourselves.

 With Practice We Grow Empowered

Mindset rules it took me months to believe what I was saying then it happened. I felt the shift ever so slightly.

I am wonderful.   I am enough. God loves me.

Clients ask what the shift felt. It was a warm feeling others describe it as a lightness. You’ll have your experience and know you’ve moved forward a step. The whole time you move forward. This is one way loving deeply develops in our lives.

I still do this every night – I still grow; self-empowerment in a continuous experience.



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