Building Your Dream Practice Tips – 101 – Customer Testimonials

 In this age of social media, it’s now easier to get customer testimonials for your product or small business.  What your customers say about you reflects the kind of product or service you offer to them, and could influence the decision of potential customers to give your product a shot.  You may be at a loss on how to seek out your satisfied customers and put in a good word or two about your business.  But as they say,  ‘if you build it, they will come’.  Sue Duris presents 7 ways how you can initiate customer testimonials.  Well, it’s obvious that delivering great product is a must. Get them involved with your development through beta-testing, surveys and feedback.  Offer them real value add-ons that is packed with information, with  minimal promotion. And of course, your social media platforms are great tools for you to garner feedback through engagement that could be fun, entertaining, and stress-free on their part.

 Customer Testimonials are a big part of building a dream practice







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