Where to start With Social Media Leads


Social media

Where to Start Socially if you are new to online social media – the easy way to get going.

Newbies to social media often wonder where to begin. The whole thing can seem daunting. Choose one media venue for your social interaction to begin with so you can master it and know how best to interact and build the right kind of followers.

Twitter is one of the easiest to gain follows and conversations.


red-check_mark_40_clr_5131 Followers are people who follow you

red-check_mark_40_clr_5131 Following is who you are following. It is polite to follow back people who follow you. Also you want to follow people who are interested in what you have to say. If you are a hair salon, you want people who love to talk about appearance, hair, fashion, looking nice, and other things that relate to your industry.

red-check_mark_40_clr_5131 A conversation occurs when you reply to someone, or they reply to you.

red-check_mark_40_clr_5131 Another type of conversation is a ‘retweet’. This happens when you ‘retweet’ something you liked that another person posted in Twitter.

red-check_mark_40_clr_5131 I prefer Buffer [free or paid versions] to other automation for my social media. It’s easy to setup for most newbies and experts alike. Then you can use Tweetdeck [a free tool] to do retweets, mentions, and follow backs. There are many other tools if you decide you want to do more.

Things to remember:

Don’t spam. Have something worthwhile to share. Did you just add a new product, or blog post? Don’t share that your cat produced a hairball unless you are in the pet business or a veterinarian


Learning just this much can increase traffic to your business and profits if you target the right audience.

Another great social media that is easy to learn is Pinterest. How can you use Pinterest? It can be done in the same way! Just without automation right now. The key with Pinterest is to make sure you set up boards for your business and have your profile a business profile. If you sell dresses online or home decor use images of your products. Your business may be a service line then you pin slightly different.

An example for this is pinning infographics of your topic and having boards of things that your ideal client would be interest in as well. If your service is in education, pin images around that topic [kids, learning, and projects] with great commentary that helps your clients and prospects.

Let me know how you’re doing with either or both of these social media venues.