It’s All About Your Idea

Online business stinks.  The problem with starting an oOnline Businessnline business is there’s no easy place to begin. You start with your idea. What is your idea or expertise that you want to share? Who are people that are looking for you?

It drove me crazy trying to solve this mental jumping jack. Are you struggling too? I found a way to fine-tune your idea. Let me explain the idea of a specialized niche market. One that you can make a nice income doing.
How to build a cat grooming business is super niched. Offering a certification program can make you stand out in the market. You know that your audience is people wanting to groom cats. These licensed groomers are looking for a certification program. They likely will also buy marketing ideas because they want to make more money.

Online Business Stinks

These people are your avatar or tribe. Doing more with an avatar is the next part. But what if you’re multi-talented and not sure how to hone your expertise in an online marketing business? That was me. I asked and paid coach after coach – lots of money. I got very little.

I had to figure it out myself. Only you can do this. Are you multi-talented or know a lot about more than one topic?

I bet this is you, even if you’re a cat groomer. I bet you know about family life and tricks for your current juggling act at home. I am pretty sure you know about studying for a test. Finding something you enjoy doing, even dating if you’re in a relationship.

The problem is two things. When you starting an online business which will make you money and which inspires you the most. They may not be one in the same. I can help you figure it out. starting an online business

What Turns You Off?

First, let’s discover what brings you passion and joy. Below is the list of questions I want you to ask yourself. If you’re driving, then listen to the questions and do it once you can jot down your thoughts.

1. I really don’t want to do [blank] the rest of my life.
2. The first thing that goes through my mind in the morning I don’t want to do [blank].
3. The thing I dislike most about my day is [blank]

Okay, now you know more about what isn’t for you. Often we are eager to get out of a lousy job or make money because we’ve been laid off. We listen to advice about doing a specific niche because there are buyers in that market.

We need buyers, but success comes from doing something you love. That’s the biggest reason to start an online business. Help others with your expertise. It’s something you love and would give away for free.

We will talk about how to find out if there’s money in our idea in another article.

What Turns You On?

4. Ask yourself what am I doing right now that I give away for free? This is want you use to starting an online business. A client who is a mother started a playgroup for her toddler. She did all kinds of research age-friendly activities. Then mom’s in her group could get the right toys to stimulate their one-year-olds.

She decided all this was so fun that she should turn it into a product online. You guessed it. Her product is a how-to product for moms to start a group. What things at each stage the group should be doing with their babies starting at year one. Being a mom, this was a business of integrity and heart for my client.

It doesn’t sound like something someone would want to pay for, but you’d be surprised. Many groups of young moms want to create a mommy and baby group! Some women even charge a fee to those who join their group.

Starting An Online Business From Your Heart your business idea

I’ve created online business that make money but that I didn’t love with a passion. You burn out and feel unhappy. I refocused and taught clients how to build an online business. Then stress lifted, and happiness filled me. I knew I was doing my purpose. We all have a purpose. Do you know your purpose or passion?

You may still be vague on your purpose, your niche. That’s okay. Every day ask yourself these four questions and write down your answers. Do it for a week. See what changes and what stays the same. This is the first step in starting an online business.

A quick note. Start with your idea that you love. It’s not sleeping in or living on a beach. Those are a lifestyle. One more thing. Unless you want to be an advice coach giving advice is not an idea or purpose either. A worthy idea is something that you love to share, and others need.

Don’t rush to starting an online business or it will stink. You’ll hate it and give up before you begin. Start with your discovering your best market niche first. Then you and I will go from here. Okay?

Image Credits: Photos by Diego PH, Pineapple Supply Co., LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash