“What you do have control over is how you react to what happens in your life.” ~Oprah

We often times forget that you are in the driver’s seat of our own lives. We allow others to dictate how we feel and see the world. In my book Quantum Thinking – Unleash Your Hidden Potential.

Excerpt from the book Unleash Your Hidden Potential:Unleash Your Hidden Potential Book

“You are at the wheel of your business and personal life strategy. In fact, you are the CEO of your own company. By company, I mean you are always working for yourself, regardless if you are employed by someone or self-employed. You are always working for You.

One of the top things all successful people have in common is they have a strategy for their personal and professional lives. As CEO of your life, you are in charge of management, planning, goal setting, measuring progress, performing tasks, and getting results. In this position, you will not be in business long if you don’t have strategies for being more productive, creating value, delivering the best, offering something unique to others, etc. “

What you do have control over is how you react to what happens in your life. It’s a simple statement meant to make you think about the things you don’t like and use your inner mind to change these things. If you are unhappy with your personal life, what actions are you doing to make it different?  

You may be saying “Debra!!! I can’t change my home the economy has us bound up!” I didn’t say move I said actions. Thoughts are actions and you are thinking yourself into a place of unhappiness. You and only you have complete control over your brain power. If you feel you don’t then ask yourself when and to whom you gave power over your mind and thoughts.

Once you decide where you have been going to ‘think for you’ take back your power and make the decision to live happy and see things through a different filter. Your mental filter and always chose one that shows you life through a positive spectrum