Twitter a great way to connect with clients

Do You Know How Far Twitter’s Reach Is

You and I both know that Twitter has become one of the main forms of not only social interaction, but also news as well. So what exactly does that mean for your business?

What Can Twitter Do For You

Simply put this social media source can now become a main stream marketing tool for you. With so many people using this media giant to interact in their daily lives you can reach potential clients and sell your product.

You also need to stop and think about how you should focus on your writing. While you can’t put an article in a tweet, you can provide a link to your blog. Keep in mind that it’s a fast paced world that we live in and if it’s not interesting people won’t read it.

In this great video Jeff Jarvis explain why Twitter continues to grow and expand and how it impacts the world as we know it. Be sure to follow the conversation this week as we discuss social media and the foundation it helps provide for your business.


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