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Strategic Planning Is Essential To The Life Of Your  Small Business

You can’t expect to just start a small business without some type of strategy and planning taking place. Building a business takes a lot of time and effort before you even open for business. If you aren’t willing to sit down and come up with a strategy and plan out what you want your business to accomplish you may find that you won’t get anywhere. I remember when I was in school and as we graduated only half the class knew where they were going to start their practice and has a business plan. small business

These same people today still don’t have businesses or have left the health care field completely. My plan took me to six-figures in less than six months. That’s why you should make a plan and then take dynamic action on the plan.

It’s no secret that almost 90% of small businesses fail. Most company owners like you don’t have the capital to pay for high priced consulting firms to come in and handle strategy, planning, and marketing. The DIY (do-it-yourself) model is what I teach you to do. It can be handed over to someone who works for you or outsourced when it comes to certain aspects but only you can create your strategy. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your startup off the ground it just means that you have to make sure that strategy and planning are at the top of what you do now.

Changing The Game For Your Small Business

If you talk to a small business owner or someone who has built a multi-million dollar corporation you will notice that the one thing that they have in place is a strategic plan. Not only do they have a plan for the rest of their week but they also probably have a long-term plan in place for how they want their business to succeed. 

You will also find that businesses that are just barely making it probably don’t have a plan at all other than surviving. You can learn something from both types of businesses. Having a strategic plan for your small business will help you be successful.

Here’s Why

1. If you put a strategic plan in place you will find that your day to day business runs much more smoothly than if you fail to have a plan. You will be able to think through problems and dealing with business issues will come more easily than if you fail to have a plan of action.marketing

Most unsuccessful company owners will become frustrated with their startup before it ever has a chance of being successful. You don’t want to find yourself falling into this category. 

2. Part of your strategic planning for your small business has to include a successful plan for marketing. There are so many ways that you can market your business that it may seem overwhelming when deciding which direction to go with it. Our Distinctive Business Concepts 101 course takes you through starting a business and how to market it on a shoe-string. This includes both direct and online marketing. 

When you plan you protect your investment in your small business. You could run company without strategy or marketing, but you will find yourself burned out and frustrated. Instead the choice is yours to put your thinking cap, sit down, and put together a strategic plan for success.