As dusk falls into muted light, we journey toward nightfall; moving from daylight shadows. Each is equally powerful. Look closely – slowly we see the outlines of individual memories of our day. It’s in this still moment we reflect what truly is or is not.the outline of living

It is in this slowness we see the original outline of living.

Each piece our eye sees is whole with; a few still reflect the light of the setting sun as it passes below the horizon of the day. Others are deep; held in a shadow that outlines their perfection just before it blurs into a blanket of nightfall.

Is one less perfect than the other?  Does one hold more in day or night?

Is one less a part of God?

All things are a balance of nature, of Spirit.

Divine Presence In ActionIf we were able to turn the sun back as it moves from day to night, we might well find that the outline of life is but this.  A child’s beloved stuffed bear furry and soft had been held in deep shadow as the night moved in. G0 where the last muted ray of sunlight twinkle appeared. A forgotten dried rose in waterless vase stands in lost memory.

Both are the source of love and peace. They are right where God is. Each share in the fact that living no nothing of day or night only the opening of the heart.

Neither are dead yet both are not entirely alive. One can’t say that the bear made of cotton and other parts of nature doesn’t deserve love and peace. The rose past its day is no less than it was before to the one who gave it or who received it.

Now let the sun go, embrace your nights as you do your days. Each is a part of the outline of living with a heart open and filled with love and peace.