Power Of Social Media: Impact On Business

People love great social media! Most of us live fast paced lives. When we look up something on the internet we want to be able to read or see what we are looking for immediately. We rely heavily on social media to keep us up-to-date on products and the latest news.

A staggering 96% of B2B tech buyers say they use social media in some form to get their information and make purchasing decisions. Think about this: When was the last time that you decided to make a technology purchase and used social media to do your research?

Reality Of Power Of Social Media

The reality is the power of social media is becoming one of the best ways to gain new buyers, especially when setting up a new business. Visit your favorite web page and take notice of all of the advertising. Do you see how people are promoting their brand?

Videos are one of the most reliable and powerful sources of social media out there. How often do you find yourself looking on YouTube for product information? Businesses are becoming more efficient at reaching their target audience. Using video has become a major part of marketing strategies.

You can read the rest of this article to find out how the power of social media is influencing the world of business. Use this information to decide what your marketing plan should include.

The video below by Lisa Lubin of LLMedia helps explain why video is so important to your business. She gives 2 great reasons as to why we should all consider using video on our blogs and websites to help promote our business and get our names out there.