Three Things You Know About Doing Your Own Social Media For Business The Do’s and Don’ts Part 2

Business Ideas for women are hard to come by so once we know what our product or service is and we’ve created it we have to start looking for ways to get the word out online. It’s natural to turn to social media.How To Social Networking

You may already have your Facebook profile, a Twitter account, and that old LinkedIn account that you made on your job or because your neighbor said, it was a great way to find a job there are three big don’ts you should know before you begin trying to sell your wares in these markets.

The 3 Do’s: Three New Places For Business Social Media Buzz May Be Your Old Place

These are the best three places to be to promote your business no doubt at the time of writing this report. The problem is unless you have started out branding yourself in these venues to change ship now can do more harm than good.

Let’s say you have been on LinkedIn in your past job or looking for a job. Consider what you have said in the past did you complain about your employer, I hope not! If you have said anything that would give you less than a positive appearance then you may want to do some housekeeping first. This goes for all social media.

Don’t Sell

Imagine you want to talk about your new career in any of these venues and in the past, you talked about not having a job how hard it was and that you really want to get back into the corporate work of banking. Now you show up online talking about how you can help people learn to can their own food and save money.

While these are not in direct conflict, you need to plan your Segway. Start posting about your elite process others have asked you to teach them. Start with your own story of how you learned to can food and why. Bring in personal memories if you can of doing this with your grandma before she died and now how your family is saving 45% on their grocery bill!

If this is a hobby you likely have been writing about this in the past reflect back on the better posts with your readers and mention how you are passionate about this information and then hobby so much it has become your business.

Don’t Forget To Become Part Of Your Ideal Community

Look for communities in these venues on your new niche market and begin talking and asking questions. Keep note of how your product can and will help this community but don’t sell! Join the community, make quality recommendations, and earn your respected place.

When someone comments or complements you don’t hesitate to say thank you that is why I made a full DVD course to help other families save money with a simple link.

Now the cats out of the bag and you can gently start interlacing in your interactions about your webinar next week that you’d love to have everyone come to and so on.

Don’t do Social Media Marketing Too Soon

So why start with having a product. Imagine trying to talk about it if you don’t have it available to sell. You’ll have to keep track of all the promises you make that your product will include, and while it makes sense to start building a market before the product is completed don’t talk about it until you have it ready to sell.

So what do you do if you product/service is in direct conflict with your past social media. Back to our corporate banker who has now taken a strong position on fashion and makeup since she joined Avon.

How turned off would you be to now get invites to a makeover? Some of you will be excited while many will feel a bit betrayed by the switch. This takes kit-gloves to ease your new and exciting career into your stream of posts.

Depending on your new passion, posting photos may help if what you are doing has changed you visually. Get conversations going around your new look and style and then do as mentioned above – slowly.

Finally and most important is to create a professional business page on Facebook for your business and begin mentioning it in your profile stream that your business has this or that exciting event happening. Share this new page on your blog and in other social media.

Once you have a consistent posting schedule going on these you can think about adding Google+ and Pinterest to your social media marketing strategy.


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