Time Management Key To Small Business Success


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Smart small business owners measure success and practice time management

Smart small business owners measure success and practice time management


As a small business owner I know how precious time is. Small business owners are the everyman. We are your neighbors. Think of me as your neighbor, because I am just like you. I have a busy life where I have to balance family, business, and a social life. 

As your fellow small business owner and caring mom of her own family, I’m down this same road with you in our quest to find balance. How did I find the time, and how you too can start using this first and foremost important device in time management? It’s simple. You have to make time for you.

Finding Balance In The Beginning

Trust me you won’t find balance right away. As a small business owner, when your business is fresh and new, all you want to do is dedicate every waking minute to it. At least that’s what it feels like, doesn’t it?

I want to take this minute out, and help create a time management plan with you. First, stop telling yourself that there’s no time to sit down and make a plan because that’s pure fiction. It’s important to the health and success of your business to make a plan.

Small Business Owner Time Management Tips And Tricks


 Make a plan for the plan: It sounds a little redundant but the reality is if you can’t organize your plan, how can you start organizing the business? Pick the program that works for you. I personally use Microsoft Outlook to keep track of events in my life. Try color-coding items to organize separate events. If Outlook is not for you, go with a paper planner, sticky notes, a white board, or your cell phone. Pick what works best for you to manage your time.


Make A To-Do list: Do you like the gratifying feeling of striking a line through a written down task after it’s completed? I know it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Every morning, I create a to-do list. For me, it’s essential I write down what has to be done so that I don’t feel I am running in circles.

Set priorities: As a small business owner, you have to prioritize on a daily basis. Your business is important, but what about other things in your life? If you become too focused with just your business, your family life will suffer. Always prioritize what you feel is the most important.

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These three helpful tools I’ve shared are just the tips of the Time Management iceberg. There are so many more tools to cover such as developing a schedule, and avoiding procrastination. Stay up to date with our discussion for helpful ways to small business success by frequenting us on the blog or subscribing.