Tips to Creating an Infographic People Actually Want to Read

How To Keep Your Audience Hooked On Your Infographics

What is an infographic?  It’s like a kid playing show and tell.  You show a visual representation of something interesting.  In this digital age, visuals or graphics play a big part on what you want to communicate to your audience.  It’s not just catching their attention with colorful eye-candy graphics, it’s using visuals to explain and illustrate simple to complex information, processes, maps, guides, how-tos…the possibilities are endless.  Creating An Infographic

And yes, infographics are now used by businesses for marketing.  With proper and purposeful execution, it is now used as a social media marketing tool.  It informs, it entertains, and it is shared across the web universe.

Thus, create an infographic that people would actually want to read.  



Here are 5 Tips to Creating an Infographic People Actually Want to read:

1. Define your goals. Defining the purpose of an infographic for your business could help you figure out the proper approach in creating one.  Will you use it to enhance you brand? Is it for your website’s SEO?  Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Your execution would depend on your main objective.
2. Select a timely subject.  What’s new, what’s hip, what’s hot?  Your readers will most likely look at your infographics if it delves on current issues and trends and how it affects them, how your product or service or industry is affected or show your take on the issue at hand.

3. Give your audience a reason to share.  Just relying on colors and effects won’t do the trick.  Your infographic must have content substance enhanced by graphics.  As stated above, hinge your content on current topics, people, places, things, events and make it relevant to your business.  If your audience finds it useful, informative, entertaining, most likely, they’ll share it with someone else.  That’s viral content marketing.

4. Make it relevant to your target audience.  Yes, current trends grab attention, but does your target audience care?  You should be able to connect with them.  Your infographic style and content should be something that they can relate to and find interesting. Indeed, Lady Gaga is current and trendy, but it may not resonate well with the elderly age group market.

5.Tell a story. The facts and figures on your infographic are useful, but does it have enough grip to keep your audience interested? Give it a hook, let it flow, let it inspire the reader.  Apply the ‘KISS’ rule too:  keep it short and simple.

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