“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your Consciousness,” ~ Eckhart Tolle

How do we move beyond what is happening to us now and stop living a life that feels like a broken record? Transcending appearances simply means as Eckhart Tolle suggests your life is giving you what is most helpful for you to evolve your consciousness.

If you want, a different playing field for life then our daily reflection will help you.

3 Ways Transcending Appearances Works

Understanding Ourselves And Life

1. Freedom
The idea of freedom is scary. It means you have choices. What if while driving to a friend’s home you turn down the wrong street. Maybe you get lost or find a shortcut.

Life is freedom where some things work out and others do not. It can be bigger than a 5-minute driving delay; it can be a miserable or hurtful situation you get into. It can also be a pleasant
Transcending Appearances
In the video, we give a short story about a man who lost his freedom and then used unexpected possibilities to become the person he really wanted to be.

2. Unexpected Possibilities
You’ve heard the saying anything is possible do you believe it? Everything you do has unexpected possibilities. When we choose with love, kindness, and heart we get the same in return.

Is this karma? I honestly don’t know. My belief says its creative thought or you get what you think about most of the time.

3. A Spiritual Consciousness

An author Joel Goldsmith, says the secret to harmonious living is developing a spiritual consciousness. Doing so will:

  • Release Fear & Anxiety
  • Joel writes, “Our consciousness is the substance of our world”.

Finding Confidence And Faith

 “Man already has, within himself, the key to freedom, but he must come to realize his relation to the whole. This relationship is one of complete unity.” ~Ernest Holmes

confidence and faithOur relationship with our higher self or our spiritual path is always present. We are one or whole because this is Spirit living in and through us. You’re not separate from that source. When you decide to treat life as a beautiful, love-filled, harmonious, and healthy experience, you hold the key to freedom and happiness.

Spiritual Consciousness

Focus Today On…

Creating Great Outcomes

Today say to yourself when situations seem out of your control or not helpful.

“I am a powerful spiritual being. With confidence and faith, I create the life I wish to experience.

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