Your Business Can Benefit From Articles Written About Your Personal Experience



If you have ever read articles on another solopreneurs or home-based business websites you may have noticed a similar theme among them. More than likely the articles that were written for the site had a very personal spin on them. You felt drawn into their story and kept reading.

Putting a personal spin on articles that you write for your business is important. It lets people know that you are real. Who in this digital age isn’t sick of the cold impersonal way we communicate. Put a little of ‘you’ in your writing without doing that over-share thing and you’re golden.

When you do clients actually find your business more appealing if you write an article that’s personal. They will also be more likely to share or distribute the article to other social media sites. This is a great thing for you because you are exposing your business and increasing traffic.

Personal Articles Help Build Relationships

Article marketing is a great way to not only gain followers, but also a great way to start networking with other business professionals. The more you network the more successful your business will be. You can give tips an tricks in your articles on ways that you manage your personal life while successfully managing your business.

Now before to go further into why you should be doing article marketing let’s talk about what it is and is not. I don’t want you copying other people’s articles and putting them on your blog, or putting your articles on what are called directory sites. This can get you banned from Google and other search engines. There is a lot of bad information out there don’t fall for it.

Article marketing in today’s online world is posting quality  content to your blog, guest blogging, and social media. If you go for the extra work of putting more content out there it needs to be original period. Let look at how to do this quick, easy, and consistently. 


Time management, scheduling, and other day to day business duties are things that you could write about from a personal perspective. You can give helpful tips and tricks to other people. Once you have done that the people who have read your article will likely share it with someone else.

Keep in mind that the readers of your articles are just like you. They have the same type of day to day struggles and like to hear how other people deal with them. With well written, personalized articles you will not only show people how successful you are, but you will be able to help others be as successful as you. 

Heck doesn’t my personality show through? Don’t you know that I  am really passionate about this stuff and I think the entrepreneur especially solopreneurs and home-based business people are an important part of changing this economy around. 

How have personal articles been a benefit to your business?   I really want to know. If it’s good I want to feature you on one of our calls to my listeners. Share you success stories with us below!