Tweet Chat Checklist for Business

Have A Real-Time Chat With Your Customers Via Twitter: Have A Tweet Chat!

Isn’t it amazing how social media creates communication lines between your business and its customers? They can post comments, suggestions, or ‘thank you’s’ on your page, and you can respond instantaneously.  But wait, there’s more!  How about doing a real-time online chat with your customers?  Twitter can make this possible, and it’s called a Tweet Chat.   It’s easy to add to your checklist for business. Tweet Chat Checklist for Business

Here are some Twitter 101’s to help you understand how you go about doing a Tweet Chat:

Tweets – these are your Twitter updates, the stuff you post on Twitter
Hashtag (#) – The # symbol is placed before keywords within your tweet.  A hashtag is used to mark keyword/s in a tweet according to a particular topic.

A “Tweet Chat” should be held on a specific date and time by a group of people, by posting tweets.  Their tweets are marked or categorized by a common hashtag/s as a way to identify the topic, and to link the tweets or virtual conversations.

Why host a Tweet Chat?  As mentioned earlier, this is another avenue for your customers and your business to have an exchange of feedback, in real-time at that.  It shows your business as an industry leader who recognizes the market’s needs and can offer a solution to serve that need.  Again, it’s a great platform to communicate your marketing message, engage your customers, and lead them to check out your website.


Here’s a quick and simple checklist for business on how to organize a Tweet Chat:

  1. Strategize
    • Define your purpose for the Tweet Chat
    • Assign a moderator for the chat
    • List down the topic/s you want covered (a specific, narrowed down topic works best)
    • Prepare questions to ask for the participants


  1. Details
    • Pick a unique hashtag — make it simple and specific
    • Pick the specific date and time.  Check with your potential audience the most common preferred and available time so as to ensure their attendance.


  1. Promote.  Use your social media sites, email newsletters, blogs, announce through your website, to inform your community about the scheduled Tweet Chat.


  1. On Chat day:
    • Post a reminder a few hours before the chat
    • Prepare your chat resource materials like a list of questions.  Ready your moderator/s.
    • Use the hashtag in your tweets. Remind participants to use the assigned hashtag as well.
    • At the end of the chat, summarize key points.
    • Remember to thank the chat participants.


  1. Post Chat Wrap-Up
    • Write a blog about the chat session — the topic, the highlights of the conversation, interesting insights brought about by the discussion.  What was achieved? What were the participants’ takeaways from the discussion?
    • Acknowledge participant/s who highly contributed in the discussion.
    • Do a post-mortem analysis about information and insights you got from the session.

These simple tips can become part of your checklist for business.

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