“People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be” ~ E. Nightingale

law of attraction


Are you where you want to be in your life?  Earl Nightingale says we are. He is talking about the law of attraction. It is also called Mental Equivalent. We arrive in life to the level we can imagine for ourselves. Many people say they want to be successful or do our healthy weight loss plan yet they don’t take action or they talk about how they never can lose weight.

Let’s step back and ask, “Where do you want to be today?” You may be saying, “Anyplace but work. Or I would rather be playing with my kids, enjoying the sunshine, or kissing on the person in my life.” You might say, “I want to be ten pounds lighter or have more energy.” Great answers but I am asking you about where do you want to be in your life at this point. When you imagine yourself, do you see a different life than the one you have now? We are always using the law of attraction whether we realize it or not.

Earl Nightingale was trying to make us think about it. We are responsible for ourselves. Not because we’re adults but because we have the power to be anything, do anything, and have anything. Your mental equivalent is your potential.   It’s about your potential and if you are using it. Your mental equivalent is your potential. Your potential to have a great career, love your body type, even lose weight.

The Law Of Attraction – The Evidence Is In Your Experiences

mental equivalent

We all have potential and a mental equivalent. It is your ability to direct your future by knowing where you want to be and believing you can be there so much the desire burns inside you. We refer to that as passion. Are you passionate about your goal?

Both believing in yourself and having a strong passion are first steps to using the Law of Attraction. You are currently using it to create your reality now. To direct the Law finally, you need to have the Mental Equivalent of your desire.

How Mental Equivalent Fits In

It’s about creating a place in your heart and brain where it is what takes up more space than the kind of thoughts discussed above. We focus on what we don’t really want by saying in our mind, “I wish I didn’t work here.”  Or “I can’t wait for the weekend.”  When you focus on the future especially what you dislike about today or the present moment, you’re not holding a Mental Equivalent.

law of attraction and mental equivalent

The more you clear your mind of these type of thoughts the closer you get to being in the current time able to hold to your vision making it your reality until it manifests. This past sentence is worth reading many times until you completely understand it’s meaning. No, it’s not cryptic. It’s simple, yet most people don’t comprehend it.

Again I ask, “Where do you want to be today?”

Envision it, hold that vision many times each hour as you feel joy, happiness, and the feeling of complete abundance. This is how you actively use the Law Of Attraction to create positive results. The key is Mental Equivalent.