Our journey is unlike any other. It is ours alone. It is a journey of faith.  Faith, in ourselves, and that inner wisdom that whispers to us about our highest good. When we learn this, we are walking by faith, not by sight. Owning our own beliefs is a choice, and then we fuel it with faith. This is not a religious concept it is a life principle that attunes us to what we want in our lives.Faith

“Attuning to our choices, not someone else’s is living an incredible life – a healthy life for ourselves. It’s a life of faith in that inner wisdom that brings us closer to the source of all life”. – Dr. Debra Arko Novotny

Faith Has 20 – 20 Vision

Our faith leads us, not what we see with our eyes or what we think in our mind. We see instead through our heart’s eye when we let faith lead us.  Faith is a belief perhaps at first. Then it’s a knowing, a truth of who we are. This builds confidence in our own decisions and choices.

Our heart’s eye has 20-20 vision because it’s part of the Intelligent Mind or God’s Mind. This power is the fuel of all life unfolding. When we let our faith flow, we are walking in God’s mind. When we walk this way or make our decisions from faith, we create or follow a path that leads us to a healthier, happier life.

“The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Here are three ways to build confidence by developing faith in yourself.

1. Add Faith To Your Day

So much we read today is about taking things out of our life how about adding a dose of faith each morning to your coffee or tea?

Ask yourself, when was the last time I sat down during the week to take a few sips of my tea instead of bolting for the door mug in hand? It’s a five-minute practice that you can do by getting up five minutes earlier or not hitting the snooze. Sit, close your eyes taking a few deep breaths, and affirm out loud, “I have faith in my choices.”   It didn’t even take five minutes you can add it easily. The key is to say it and feel it from your heart. See yourself standing tall filled with confidence which is the outcome of personal faith.Confidence and confident

2. Out-Picture Your Faith

“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.” – Khalil Gibran

Personal faith is more that an affirmation said aloud daily and should be repeated either in our mind or aloud throughout the day, it’s holding a mental vision of you being confident.

Our self-esteem builds when we can imagine in our mind that we are what we desire to be. The Universe is always ready to give us what we think about. Holding a picture in our mind of happiness, laughter, feeling loved and confident is the out-picture of your faith in yourself.

Every time you think about should I do this or that, say in your head or aloud the affirmation and see the out picture or vision in your mind. Together these steps are very powerful. Add the last one you have the recipe for faith in yourself.

3. Listen Inward To The Small Voice Not The Other Voice

“Sometimes God stays silent until we’re ready to listen.” Unknown

Self-esteem comes when we believe in ourselves, but we get tied-up as children in listening to others for direction. This is fine when your two or twelve However as an adult you must learn to decide if the beliefs you cling to are working for you?  If you lack personal empowerment chances are they’re not your beliefs any longer. This is okay you can choose to believe how you want.we are walking by faith

You can hear the different in the voice you hear within you. The voice that is you is softer, and it doesn’t sound rushed. It’s the connection with your inner wisdom and what I refer to as God or the Universe.

The other voice feels more in your head and wants a decision now! It’s rushed, and some feel a tightness to decide or a feeling of guilt if they do anything but what this voice or past experience tells them they should do!

You may recognize the voice as someone from the past or present. Statements like, ‘blank’ won’t like this so I better not,” signals it’s not your choice but someone else’s. Are you okay with this or are you afraid to do what feels best for you?

This is different from making decisions with your spouse or partner; checking with the opinion of someone you value before making a big decision.

Chances are you already make choices like which way to drive to work or to avoid a traffic jam. You might decide on dinner for your family. Expand on these types of choices. Watch how you listen to your intuition and what happens when you don’t.


Pulling faith into our life is taking these three keys into daily practice. Use the first two to build self-esteem and faith in your choices. Use the last key to view your choices from a place of heart and wisdom.

I Become Stronger More Confident

When I did this for myself, I used this mantra. “Faith grows in me, I become stronger and wiser. My faith makes me strong. My faith guides me to my wisdom, my higher good.”

“ We are walking by faith, not by sight” II Corinthians 5.7

I remember a time in my life it felt like I was walking on big rocks. You may know the feeling; you jump from boulder to boulder whipping your arms out trying to keep balance. Then you steady but the next gigantic rock is in your path the rocky feeling, the unease in your chest continues. Maybe you’re at the last place. Where jumping from rock to rock is a core, and you just settle believing this is what life is about. No, life is much more if you chose it to be and have faith in yourself.

Give Yourself Time To Heal

“Faith is the song the Universe hears when we come from our heart, not the thoughts of others.” -Dr. Debra Arko NovotnyFaith is the song the Universe hears

Having faith in yourself and in the Universe around you takes time. The boulders will become smaller, and one day, you’ll notice that your path has a few rocks here and there, but your footing is solid. We are walking by faith, not by sight then because we know there’s something greater than us we can trust in, and this gives us confidence in our choices because we attune to that voice, not the one that built up a rocky road of unhappiness.